About Us

Haustak was established in 1999 by few fishing companies on the Reykjanes Peninsula in southwest Iceland. Soon there were only two companies left who to this day are the shared owners of Haustak. ( Vísir and Þorbjörn)

Haustak has since start been leading in developing technique to dry fish inside using geothermal energy. At the start we dried most of the products outside on wooden racks but soon we started to build up our inside drying. Starting with one container and blowing hot air through up to extending our facilities year by year ending up as one of Iceland´s largest fish drying factory. Haustak exports around 3.000 MT of dried fish products to Nigeria every year.

In 2015 we started to produce Cod Liver Oil from the liver of the Long Liner boats that Vísir and Þorbjörn has. Haustak produces 300-500 MT of Cod Liver Oil every year.

Vísir Hf

Vísir is an experienced yet innovative fishing company which operates exclusively long-line vessels and runs its state-of-the-art processing facilities in Grindavík, one of the most vibrant fishing towns in Iceland.  Vísir offers a rich variety of premium products from high quality raw material and serves a broad group of demanding customers from all over the globe. 

Þorbjörn Hf - Thorfish

Þorbjörn is one of the larger fishing companies in Iceland.  With decades of experience and knowledge in processing wild fish from capture to market.  Thorfish is a member of Iceland Responsible Fisheries a FAO based certification scheme.